Best Garage Door Opener Apps in Canada of 2022

Top Garage Door Opener Apps of 2022


Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener WiFi Wireless Garage Door Remote, Open and Close Garage Door from Anywhere, Compatible with Google Assistant
  • Check Compatibility: Compatible with almost all garage door openers. Before ordering please see the User Guide in the Technical Specification below to check if your garage door opener is compatible.
  • Open and Close Garage Door From Anywhere: Works with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri. This smart garage door opener will not interfere with your existing remotes or wall console.
  • Notification: Receive notification when your garage door opens or closes in real time. And you can set up customer notification so you will receive alerts if you forget to close the door.
  • Multi-User Access: Give your families access to activate your garage door. And the Activity Log allows you to know who accessed your garage for added security.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: A 2.4Ghz wifi is required. Just need to connect the controller's wires to your garage door opener. The expandable garage door controller allows you to add our security camera. Connect the security camera to the app, you can use the app to see and operate your garage from anywhere.


Garage Door Kit, YoLink 1/4 Mile World's Longest Range Garage Door Sensor and Controller Compatible with Alexa IFTTT, Garage Door Opener App Remote Control Open Close Notification, YoLink Hub Required
  • World's Longest Wireless Range: Powered by LoRa technology, the long-range yet low-power system offers the industry’s longest receiving range in the market (1/4 mile). Our long-range coverage enables its use in areas challenging for most residential Wi-Fi systems, such as basements, outdoor porch/patio areas, sheds, free-standing garages, even remote outbuildings on your property.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all garage door openers manufactured since 1993 with photoelectric sensors; Please check compatibility in the description before purchase!
  • Early-Warning Notifications: Receive real-time early-warning notifications in the form of smartphone banner alerts, limited SMS/text messages, and emails, each optional and configured per your needs. Please note: YoLink Garage Door Sensor does not alarm or chime, it only sends notifications; For an audible alarm, consider our Siren Alarm
  • From Simple to Super-Smart: After setting up your notification preferences, keep it simple and let the YoLink system do the rest and monitor your home and property for you. Or, utilize available advanced automation features, including 3rd-party integration with Alexa and IFTTT, to interact with other YoLink and 3rd-party smart devices. Limited only by your imagination!
  • YoLink Hub Required but not included: YoLink Hub is the only central controller for YoLink devices, and it connects YoLink devices into the internet and the cloud. Without YoLink Hub, YoLink Garage Door Kit does not work with YoLink app and does not support 3rd-party integration with Alexa and IFTTT. Please search B07TQLKQLJ for the hub or try our Garage Door kit with Hub B07W64LMKC


NEXX Smart Garage Wi-Fi Controller - Remotely Control Existing Garage Door Opener with Nexx App, Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, No Hub Required, NXG-200, Black-Gray
  • ❗ CHECK COMPATIBILITY BEFORE YOU BUY ❗ Nexx Garage is compatible with most garage door openers but, BEFORE YOU BUY, check compatibility on Nexx website or test following the instructions in the image gallery. 2.4 GHZ WiFi connection is required. Nexx wireless sensor detects up/down motion only.
  • ✔️ OPEN, CLOSE & SCHEDULE your garage door anytime, anywhere while SECURELY SHARING with unlimited friends and family. KNOW YOUR HISTORY – Always know who is coming or going (and when!) and receive notifications if someone has forgotten to close the door. No other product lets you know both WHO & WHEN your garage is accessed!
  • ✔️ ACTIVATE BY TAPPING OR SPEAKING. Control by tapping on the Nexx Home app or giving voice commands to Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • ✔️ ENJOY INDUSTRY-LEADING CONNECTIVITY with an all-new external antenna for strong, reliable WiFi connection PLUS Bluetooth capability so you can control your garage door even when the internet’s out.
  • ✔️ INSTALL QUICK & EASY WITH ZERO FEES. Automate your garage in 10 minutes or less with our all-new wireless sensor system. There are no hidden fees or ongoing monthly subscription. Even voice activation is FREE!


New! Universal WiFi Garage Door Upgrade Kit Compatible with Google Assistant and Siri Voice Commands
  • NEW FOR 2021.5: This product employs the latest technologies. For instance, it utilizes serverless design which does NOT need user registration. Other similar products require registration with personal identity that makes Identity Theft possible & compromises home security. Data exchanges are encrypted by AES technology. This is the first product of its kind with optical sensor which is more durable. These are just a few of the technologies in our product.
  • FEATURES YOU WANT: It has all common features like access sharing, door activities notifications, door-left-open alerts, door activities logs, and voice commands. In addition, this product has an unique feature: Auto-Open. It uses the GPS to detect home arrival and opens the door automatically. No other product has this convenient feature. Our app supports 1 or 2 garage doors. 2 upgrade kits are needed for 2 garage doors.
  • NO BATTERY NEEDED: There is no battery to replace as opposed to many similar products which need batteries. Do your research before purchasing to avoid a product requiring regular maintenance and expenses.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. The wifi module and the optical door sensor are in 1 piece. This makes installation extremely simple. No wiring to the sensor is needed. Detail installation instructions are available in our web site and in Youtube.
  • CAUTION: Please check if your home wifi signal is accessible in your garage before purchasing this product.


SensorPush HT1 Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android. USA Developed and Supported Humidity/Temperature/Dewpoint/VPD Monitor/Logger. Indoor/Outdoor Smart Sensor with Alerts
  • Accurate: Swiss-made sensing component with accuracy of +-3%RH, +-0.3 DegC / 0.5 DegF. Professional-grade components, assembled into devices you can trust. For even more demanding applications, the device is easily calibratable to a trusted reference, or try the SensorPush HT.w or HTP.xw for even greater out-of-the-box accuracy. Whichever SensorPush you choose, you'll enjoy reliable, quality monitoring of environmental conditions including air temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint and VPD
  • Versatile: With its small, attractive design, the HT1 is at home just about anywhere: in a refrigerator, freezer, greenhouse, humidor, wine cellar, instrument case like guitar or violin, a piano, outside as a mini weather station, around the house monitoring a humidifier or thermostat in baby nursery, in the attic, basement, crawlspace, reptile tank, terrarium, plants in a grow tent, drying and curing, a chicken coop or egg incubator and more
  • Flexible: Use the sensor and your phone via Bluetooth or add a SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway (sold separately) for data and alerts via Internet. With a G1 Gateway, get updates and push notifications when conditions exceed min/max alarm settings anywhere, ask Alexa for updates, or view data on a computer in our web dashboard. Great for a vacation home, garage, server room, data center, ensuring a dog or other pets are safe in an RV (cellular hotspot required) or anywhere remote monitoring is useful
  • Powerful: Line of sight Bluetooth range of 325 feet keeps you up to date, even on the other side of your home. Obstructions such as walls or doors will reduce this, often considerably, but every day in real world conditions, customers happily monitor difficult situations like walk-in coolers, safes, inside a wall or even on a roof. The small size, convenient mounting hole, and long battery life (typically over 2 years) simplify placing one or multiple sensors wherever they are needed most
  • Easy one-time setup with our beautifully designed, free app (iOS or Android). Quickly view a digital summary of current conditions for your entire system of connected SensorPush devices. Drill deeper with integrated data logging and graphing with 20 days of storage on the sensor and unlimited in-app storage for unlimited devices using our custom built high performance database. Export any data recording to CSV for analysis or archival with Excel, Google Sheets, etc, and calibrate with ease.


MWS 2 Car Garage Door Silver Insulation and Water Heater Tank Wrap Kit
  • MWS 2 Car Garage Door Silver Insulation and Water Heater Tank Wrap Kit
  • Reflects 97% of Radiant Heat, Adds up to R-6 to Garage Door
  • Reduces Noise and Drafts From Outside Your Garage, Durable Smooth Finish
  • Saves up to 20% of your Energy bills, adds R-5 to tank performance


PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door for Dogs and Cats, Large, White, Tinted Vinyl Flap
  • SOLID ALUMINUM FRAME: perfect for heavy use or multiple pet homes
  • PROTECT AGAINST WEATHER AND DRAFTS: magnetic flap closure, pile weather stripping and slide-in closing panel
  • TINTED, VINYL FLAP: flexible flap is designed for your pet's comfort and ease of use
  • EASY INSTALLATION: includes detailed instructions, cutting template and installation hardware
  • DESIGNED FOR LARGE PETS UNDER 45 kg: flap opening is 260 mm x 413 mm


PetSafe Plastic Pet Door with Soft Tinted Flap, White, Large
  • Durable plastic door with soft flap lets your pet in and out of your home and is best for single pet homes or moderate use
  • Paintable white frame to match your door color and décor
  • Snap-on closing panel included to keep pet from using door, to close off opening when not in use and to help keep out weather and drafts
  • Flexible installation from thin exterior or interior people doors 1/16" to thicker doors up to 2"; Detailed instructions, cutting template and installation hardware included
  • For Large pets 100 lbs. or less; flap opening size 10 1/8” W x 16 ¼” H


PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door, Unique Three Flap System, White, for Medium Dogs Up to 18 kg
  • HIGHEST ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF ANY PET DOOR – unique three-flap system is rated at an R-value of 4.78 which is 3.5 times more energy efficient than single flap doors
  • CENTRE INSULATED FLAP: perfect for hot and cold climates; keeps the warm and cool air inside your home; insulated flap colour may vary, yellow or grey, depending on time of order
  • SNAP-ON CLOSING PANEL: allows you to keep your pet from using the pet door; use a second closing panel ( sold separately) on the outside for an additional layer of weather protection
  • MATCH YOUR DÉCOR: paintable plastic frame allows you to match your door colour
  • EASY INSTALLATION: includes detailed instructions, cutting template and installation hardware


PetSafe Interior 2-Way Locking Cat Door - Indoor Pet Flap - Hides Litterbox or Food - DIY Installation
  • PRIVATE ACCESS FOR YOUR CAT: Give your cat unlimited access to her personal spaces (like her litter box and food) even while the human door is closed to keep odors (and the dog and kids) out
  • EASY TRAINING: The transparent flap allows your cat to see her litter box on the other side of the door, making training and acclimation stress-free
  • DIY INSTALLATION: Easily fits any interior wood, storm, PVC, paneled or metal doors 1/2 - 2 in thick; includes detailed instructions, cutting template and hardware for your convenience
  • OPTIONS THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME: Place multiple cat doors in closet doors, laundry room doors, or cabinets for exclusive access to food or litterbox areas; designed for cats and small dogs up to 15 lb
  • LOCK AND UNLOCK: The sliding lock gives you the option to close off the room whenever you choose

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